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Lot 24 - Masterpieces of Greek coinage

North Africa. Zeugitania, ...
North Africa. Zeugitania, ...
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North Africa. Zeugitania, Carthage.
Stater of 1¼ Shekels, c. 350 - 320 BC. (Gold, 9.36g., 18.9mm). Head of Tanit to left, wearing grain wreath, triple pendant earring and necklace with nine oblong pendants / Horse standing right on exergual line. Jenkins & Lewis IIIh, 75 ff.
The Carthaginians began producing fairly enormous numbers of gold coins starting in the second half of the 4th century. They controlled much of the gold trade that crossed the Sahara and also had access to mines in Spain. The staters were first struck at the weight of a shekel but during the period of c. 350-320 their weight was increased by a quarter. The following groups then began to be struck in electrum rather than gold. Unlike the silver ‘Siculo-Punic’ issues we have seen above, the Carthaginian gold and electrum issues are very clearly Punic in style – influenced by Greek work but clearly portraying a local goddess.

Grading/Status: A particularly neat and attractive example, well-struck and well-centered. Good extremely fine.

Acquired privately from Tradart in 2006.


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Masterpieces of Greek coinage


Auction: Masterpieces of Greek coinage

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