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Лот 10 - Auction 11 - A Royal Collection

 Converting to Islam.   The ...
 Converting to Islam.   The ...
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10.000,00 CHF

Converting to Islam.
The Umayyad Caliphate. Anonymous. AE Pashiz ND (c. AH 72-95), ST (Istakhr). Facing bust of Sasanian ruler with arms and index fingers pointing upwards wearing double diadem and tiara surmounted by two wings and a crescent, downwards on left: al-‘izzat lillah, downwards on right the mint name ’wst’nd’l (Ostandar) in Pahlawi; rev: fire altar flanked by two attendants, above the flames a crescent to left and a five-pointed star to right. 3,29g. Album B46; Gyselen R., Arab Sasanian Copper Coinage, Vienna 2009, Type 21 (3 refs).
From the auction NGSA 8 (24-25 November 2014), 219.

Классификация/Состояние: Probably the finest example of this very rare coinage.

This copper Pashiz/Fals blends elements of the design of traditional Sasanian coins with others of the new Islamic faith. The Arabic inscription al-‘izzat lillah found on the obverse of this coin means "glory to God". The figure's upright fingers pointing to heaven were intended to call those who used the coins to become followers of Islam.


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Auction 11 - A Royal Collection


Аукцион: Auction 11 - A Royal Collection

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