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 An excessively rare Bird Mohur. ...
 An excessively rare Bird Mohur. ...
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An excessively rare "Bird" Mohur.
Jalal al-din Muhammad Akbar b. Humayun (963-1014AH/1556-1605CE). AV Bird Mohur, Month Khurdad Ilahi year 50 (AH 1014), Agra. Standing bird (a hubayra) on a field of flowers / Inscription "Allahu akbar Khurdad 50 ilahi darb Agra" on a field of flowers. 11,18g. BMC Mughal 173; KM 119C.2; Fr. 742f (this coin illustrated); Liddle Akbar Type G32.
From the collections of M. Louis Teller (until 1984) and Dr. Lawrence A. Adams, auction CNG Triton XIX (4 January 2016), 2395.

Grading/Status: Good very fine and extremely rare.

This is an example of the second and last of the very rare pictorial coinage of Akbar with the Ilahi date 50, the last year of his reign. The bird on the obverse has usually been described as a duck, but it is far more likely to have been the royal game bird, the hubayra. This unfortunate bird has been commonly hunted throughout history up until today, and is now close to extinction in the wild. In the west it is known as the great bustard.


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Auction 11 - A Royal Collection


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