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 A unique presentation gold coin ...
 A unique presentation gold coin ...
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A unique presentation gold coin of the Ottoman Empire.
The Ottoman Empire. Abdul Aziz b. Mahmud AH 1277-1293 (1861-1876 CE). AV Pattern 40 Para AH 1277, regnal year 10 (1869 CE), Misr (Cairo). Tughra (monogram of the Sultan) and value / Regnal year 10, mint name and accession year AH 1277. 44,93g. KM - (cf. 248 for the type but in copper).
From the auction NGSA 8 (24-25 November 2014), 286.

Grading/Status: Virtually uncirculated and unique

This is a proof striking of a copper Egyptian forty Para coin in gold produced by the Paris mint. The simplicity and elegance of its design make it an attractive example of 19th century mint technology at its best, copying the traditional design employed by the Ottoman mint in Egypt. The obverse of this beautiful coin features the tughra, or signature, of the Sultan which reads Khan ‘Abd al-Aziz bin Mahmud, the Always Victorious. This particular piece was probably originally intended as a gift for a member of the Khedivial family or for a minister of the Egyptian court. It is likely that this coin came from the collection of the late King Farouk.


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Auction 11 - A Royal Collection


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