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Lot 56 - Masterpieces of Greek coinage

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Asia Minor. Mysia, Lampsakos.
Stater, c. 370 BC. (Gold, 8.39g., 17.8mm). Nike, nude to the waist, kneeling to right, affixing a helmet to a trophy set up before her: she holds a nail in her left hand and a hammer in her upraised right / Forepart of a winged horse springing to right; all within shallow incuse square. Baldwin 26, pl. 2, 27 (same dies). Traité II 2535, pl. 171, 1 (same dies). Jenkins, AGC 288 (same dies). Kraay-Hirmer 734 (same dies). Kunstwerke der Antike F 73 (this coin). Schefold, MW 506 (this coin).
Lampsakos (IACP 748) was founded as a Greek city in 654/3 by colonists from Phokaia in Ionia; it gained importance from its position on the Hellespont. In the later 6th and 5th centuries it produced a significant coinage of electrum staters but in the earlier 4th century it began minting a series of gold staters of Persic weight that had considerable economic importance. All the coins had the city badge of the forepart of a winged horse on their reverses, but the obverses were quite varied, just like those of the electrum staters from nearby Kyzikos. They mostly bore remarkably fine heads of gods and goddesses, though there is also one of a satrap, perhaps Orontas; among the heads of divinities is a wonderful one of Nike (AGC 296 = Baldwin 30). However, there are also two very rare staters that show us the full figure of Nike: on this piece we have a lovely view of her kneeling and setting up a trophy, and on another she is seen sacrificing a ram. These coins are outstanding masterpieces of full Classical art.

Grading/Status: Extremely rare, the second known example of this type. With a wonderful Nike of splendid late classical style. Good extremely fine.

Numismatica Genevensis SA V, 2 December 2008, 110.
Exceptional Private Collection, Leu 76, 27 October 1999, 153.
Collection of R. Käppeli.


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Masterpieces of Greek coinage


Auction: Masterpieces of Greek coinage

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